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Combines flexibillity of Lua and port to JavaScript:Nua

Latest Releases

release v.0.1.4:GitHub

Why you should use nua?


Install Nua v.0.1.4 right from here!

  1. paste it in a native shell
npm install -g nua-lang 
  1. Finished! Compile your .nua file with...
nua yourfile.nua 

Start writing nua files using it's reference in JS codes using the require keyword.

local  =  require("nua.nua")
function greet()
  greet = "Hello, World!"
  if (greet == string)
    then print(greet),
  else print("Value is nil")

Nua means speed!

Nua is tested against Dart, Ruby, PHP, csharp, LuaJIT (j-on), Crystal and Haskell.

The fib function is tested on a Lenovo L390 Yoga with an Intel core(R)(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz - 1.80GHz. 8.00GB RAM memory on windows 10. As we see Nua is on first position. Hurray! But as we know we'have tested the fib with LuaJIT J-enabled. Would it be disabled it would be very much faster. The Nua is tested on the NuaC -librairy, that means it will be transpiled to C. So that's the source of Quality. However, NuaC is using until 32bit variables, that will make it faster. We're working still on 64-bits.

Nua's coroutines

co = coroutine.create(function ()

--prints the fiber that we've created 

pretty clean and elegant!

Try Nua in the Browser! | The repl is written entirely in a Nuac application

by Timo Sarkar(CV) Nua's ecosystem lives on GitHub